Where Does Your Donation Go?

Family & Lifestyle Medicine is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization providing advanced access to the Greater Lansing area. It officially opened January 11, 2022 with phase 1 providing mobile primary care, wholistic lifestyle medicine, chronic disease reversal programs and a host of free community programs in collaboration with the Lansing Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

We plan to start phase 2 as soon as we are able too! This includes a wellness center, teaching kitchen, gym and primary medical care facilities. Your contribution would advance us towards that goal in the areas listed below! Call us is you would like to contribute to a specific area. 


Teaching Kitchen

 When phase 2 starts we plan to open a teaching kitchen! A teaching kitchen is equipped to have at least 5 cooking stations at one time. Everything from good quality bowls to blenders will be needed! Cookbooks, dry goods and monetary donations are also helpful for those who cannot afford to pay for the ingredients.

Volunteer Physicians

Our physicians volunteer their time for our community programs as well as phase 1 of the clinic services. Paying off their loans sooner means they can spend more time helping the community. Donations assist with paying off the principal of $100,000 (Estimated principal December 2022). Benefiting physicians will contribute back to the fund.

Lending Library

Reversing diabetes, hypertension, depression etc. — all of these have great books, cookbooks and videos that can change your life. We plan to have resources on everything from parenting, values, wellness, disease reversal and prevention. These will be utilized by our in-home programs as well. Donate towards building our library of resources!

I recently was diagnosed with Covid and as an asthmatic the virus hit my lungs pretty hard. Dr. Azelton was an incredible help, responded quickly, and helped prescribe the medicines that were critical but also gave support and input to the home remedies we were doing. Not only was she professional and knowledgeable but she also portrayed a positivity that was a huge blessing. Thank you Dr. Azelton for all that you have done to help me get through a difficult illness. I would highly recommend Dr. Azelton because she is very knowledgeable, cares about her patients, and understands how to treat the whole person.