Welcome to Revive Clinic at Michigan Campmeeting 

Take your campmeeting experience to another level with individual services for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis with a:


  • Wellness Coaching, including Fitness Coaching, Nutritionist and Dietician
  • Lifestyle Medicine Physician
  • Spiritual Care
  • Culinary Medicine Coach
  • Water Therapist for pain, immunity, headaches, relaxation and more.


Revive Clinic at Campmeeting provides wholistic, evidence-based services through the lens of the Bible for two reasons:

1. Your personal physical, mental and spiritual revival: Dealing with a chronic disease? Fighting spiritual battles and confusion? Struggling with difficult emotions? Want full and complete revival? Bring your goals and what you are learning at campmeeting to your appointment at Revive Clinic to learn how it can become practical in your life.

2. Hands-on Experience in Health Evangelism Tools: Expand the number of ways you can help people. Culinary Medicine is set up as a teaching kitchen with resources to share healthy cooking in a winsome way. Get hands-on hydrotherapy practice with seminar teachers to use these lost but very simple skills!

Individual Consultations

Begin to address underlying causes of challenging medical, mental and/or spiritual concerns. While we do not order diagnostics or prescriptions in these one-time appointments, get a fresh view of your concerns through the lens of the Bible and science.


  • Spiritual Care Consultations are provided by Pastors Philip Mills, Jr, Ron Kelly and Darrel LeRoux.
  • Fitness Coaching is provided by Nathan Hyde, certified group fitness instructer and Bob Benson, physical therapist
  • Wellness Coaching (including nutrition and dietetics) is with Evelyn Kissinger, RD; Lucia Tiffany, RN and Michelle Anderson, RD.
  • Lifestyle Medicine Physicians are Kimberly Azelton, MD, DipABLM, MPA, Jonathan Sharley, MD, and Mike Hess, MD, DipABLM


Experience refreshing ways to genuinely help our friends and neighbors!

Fitness Prizes: Help your ability to absorb God’s Word by staying fit during campmeeting! Nathan Hyde has hid prizes all across campus and is giving daily clues in the Memo!

Culinary Medicine: Cook in the kitchen with  Dr. Debbie, Francia Paulino and Patty Westen. Learn how to make healthy foods for your specific concerns and make friends for Jesus!

 Water Therapies: You will not want to miss the opportunity to learn the lost art of simple remedies. The treatments are modified and monitored according to your medical conditions.

  • Chest Fomentations: The wise use of steamy towels, hot water, and ice increases circulation and boosts your immune system. Find some relaxation and an energy boost. 
  • Hot Foot Bath: Headaches, sinus congestion or cramps may be decreased while relaxing in warm blankets with your feet in hot water. 
  • Joint Fomentations: Aches and pains from arthritis, muscle spasms and the like often find relief with increasing the circulation while decreasing the inflammation with the use of steam and ice.